Vet Clinic Renovation

Exterior of vet clinic

Fire Suppression Repairs and Repair/Replace Fire Pumps, 162nd ARW, Arizona National Guard, Tucson Airport, Tucson, AZ

KC completed interior and exterior renovations, electrical and mechanical upgrades, exterior repairs and improved aesthetics of the building, parking lot repairs, and painting. Additional tasks included roof repairs and upgrades, waterproofing, shielding, replacement of HVAC, bathroom renovations, cabinet and countertops replacement, construction of an addition for new storage, new flooring, painting, and lighting upgrades to energy-efficient models. The entire exterior of the building was refinished. KC replaced the current roofing system with standing seam metal roof, refinished entire interior of the back porch, and removed and replaced all exterior windows and doors to match the existing style. Parking lines and bumpers were repainted, the flagpole was removed, and a new sink in the primary exam room was installed.