KOMAN Construction, LLC (KC) has more than ten years of experience providing construction and infrastructure services for government and private sector clients.


A contract with KC nets the government or a Prime Contractor the procurement benefit of Best-Value products, PLUS the contracting efficiencies and financial benefits of employing an Alaska Native Corporation SBA 8(a) participant.


  • Construction Management
  • Commercial/Residential
  • Modular/Conventional
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) Construction
  • Design/Build
  • Fast Track
  • Energy Efficiency

  • New Construction
  • Remodels and Additions
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Electrical and Communications
  • HVAC and Controls
  • Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Lighting Upgrades

  • Airport Runways
  • Dock Demolition
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Lighting Replacement (Efficiency)
  • Military Installations
  • SCIF
  • Hospitals
  • High Schools
  • Maintenance Shops

Our advantages

Your ANC 8(a) partner


Speed and thrift
in awarding contracts.

The government’s Contracting Officers (C.O.) are faced with declining budgets and a growing backlog of contracts that those budgets are to support. Consequently, they require both speed and thrift in awarding contracts to qualified vendors. But, the cost of awarding a contract through competitive bidding can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and take up to nine months to complete. By contrast, a single-source, Direct Award to an ANC 8(a) typically costs a fraction...

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Ensuring competitive Overhead and
General & Administrative cost rates.

Because Alaska Native Corporations such as KC are large enough and efficient enough to ensure competitive Overhead and General & Administrative cost rates, the C.O. risks little in that regard. And, by using the ALPHA Contracting model, the government and its contractor develop a transparent relationship wherein the C.O. is virtually guaranteed the ability to negotiate a fair and reasonable price with few of the uncertainties associated with the competitive bidding process....

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Small Business Utilization and
Incentive Rebates of up to 5% of the total contract value

Direct Awards to ANC 8(a) participants such as KOMAN Construction generally cannot be protested {13CFR124.517(a)}. Against the extended delays resulting from protests to hotly-contested awards, this advantage alone can save a C.O. many weeks of uncertainty before project start-up. Awards by U.S. Government activities or Prime Contractors to Alaska Native Corporations such as KC may be eligible for Incentive Rebates of up to 5% of the total contract...

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Investments in your future