New Dover AFB C5/C17 Cargo Aircraft Maintenance Training Facility – Phase I

USACE Philadelphia District, Cargo Aircraft Maintenance Training Facility, Dover Air Force Base, Dover, Delaware

post_pic4-170x150KOMAN designed, constructed, and commissioned an 8,000 SF two-story Cargo Aircraft Maintenance Training Facility at Dover AFB. The facility accommodates and provides for the mission critical, hands-on training activities. The building consists of two bays for C-5 and C-17 cargo aircraft training.

Both training bays are designed to have through-traffic capabilities large enough for a cargo truck/van to enter at one end and exit at the other side. Tool and Equipment Storage areas were also constructed. The building envelope was designed for blast impact resistance and through precise selection of materials, the design resulted in a low cost, highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing building.

The surrounding site was landscaped to blend in with the surroundings, yet with defined outlines. This facility was certified and commissioned as a LEED “Gold” project.