KOMAN Construction, LLC has more than ten years of success in delivering superior products in the categories of design-build, new construction (vertical and horizontal), remodel and expansion, repair and maintenance, construction support, and general construction services.

As a prime contractor, we have efficiently planned and smoothly executed contracts employing a score of subcontractors, and incorporating multiple change orders.

KC has an unparalleled project team, instilling confidence throughout every contract and with every task order from similar projects performed across the nation. KC will serve as your single point of communication and will ensure all work is completed with only the highest safety and quality standards and practices. This is accomplished through our qualified and experienced field staff including our program, quality control, and safety managers, who will dedicate their time to supporting our outstanding, qualified site project managers and superintendents. Our entire team will work in collaboration to ensure each task order is constructed safely, in full regulatory compliance, and achieves all your quality, schedule and budgetary goals while exceeding your expectations on every level. KC has experience managing multiple projects at several locations nationwide. Our project experience expands from DC to CA with simultaneous projects in these locations and more.

As a subcontractor, we seamlessly integrate our efforts with those of the Prime and other subcontractors on the job.  Recent contracts include mechanical and electrical system upgrades, running track and fitness station installations, and lighting and other projects.

KC project managers and executives take personal interest in every project and remain readily accessible to the owner and their representatives.  In response to changing needs or conditions, they make prompt, considered decisions that tend to save money by saving time.  Varied experiences have made the entire KC team comfortable with working in a federal contracting environment.

When executing a subcontract, the KC management team establishes and maintains constant communications with the Prime contractor, to ensure that its Project Manager has complete visibility of the KC operation.  KC Project personnel understand that the Project Manager should never be surprised by a problem or a solution.

KC has teamed with a few, high-quality construction companies, in order to extend the scope and reach of its  operations.  It has successfully upgraded Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) for the Department of Justice and the General Services Administration, has built runways for the Air Force, and is preparing to execute facility infrastructure projects for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).