FISC Buildout

Prettyman Courthouse

GSA, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) Buildout, Prettyman Court House, Washington D.C.

KOMAN Construction performed a majority of the work on a compressed schedule during non-business hours (6pm-5am) to minimize the impact on courthouse functions. This design-build project encompassed the coordination, design, and construction with a compressed schedule and was completed as a fast-tracked type project.
With reconfiguration, creating five new, accredited SCIF suites, reconfiguring one existing SCIF, IT Room, and restrooms. This included demolition, waste management, office concepts, and design, layout out walls, plumbing, electrical filtering, sprinkler/fire alarms, paint and carpet, VCT, lighting and controls, HVAC and Direct Digital Controls (DDC), IT/AV conduits/cabling, security access control, intrusion detection, miscellaneous security enhancements, negative air containment, SCIF design and construction, RF film and foil installation, screening facility design and construction, integrated security systems, and night and occupied space work.
Through coordination with the GSA and DOJ, the DSS certified each of the project’s new SCIF suites and certified that they were built in conformance with the IDC/ICS 705 Technical Specification for Construction and Management of SCIFs, as cited in the Design Intent Document.
All modifications to the building structure were included in the design documents and performed by a Registered Fire Protection Engineer. The work was performed, provided, and installed to include fire alarm devices and appliances that are compatible with the existing equipment and in accordance with NFPA 72 requirements.
All work was completed in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Rehabilitation of Historic Properties.