Facility Renovation

Facility Renovation Future Firefighting Trainer, San Diego, CA

KC completed the demolition and reinstall of a next-generation firefighter trainer, a multi-level training device based on the shipboard dimensions of a Virginia Class vessel. Demolition included demolishing from top of crawl space slab to roof level, the reinforced concrete interior wall, the existing trainer walking flats, handrails, simulated equipment, and ceiling grating. The reinforced concrete roof slab was demolished between column lines, the steel mechanical system support structure, interior steel partition wall, metal fire doors, and their frames. KC replaced refractory insulation and the steel fire doors, frames, and hardware. KC coordinated all construction activities with the customer. New construction included adding 11ft of height to the existing 12” reinforced concrete walls. Provided new roof over firebox to be composite deck supported by steel beams. Provided two 30ft long flange beams supported in new embed pockets in the new reinforced concrete upper wall. Installed steel fire doors, frames, hardware, and installed refractory insulation.