Eagle Pass Repairs

FM DRT, Eagle Pass Repairs

Work included the replacement of flooring, exterior repainting, roofing repair, replacement of exterior finishes, replacement or repair of exterior doors, concrete, and overhead roll-up doors.  The project also involved the removal and disposal of the existing gates and operators to provide and install new hydraulic vertical pivot security gates. The project also included removal, replacement, and installation of vehicle lifts and materials needed for proper installation. The interior provisions consisted of finishes, repainting, flooring, ceilings, walls, and locker rooms. The new surfaces had to match the existing wall surface texture.

In addition, some locations consisted of full remodel, with the removal of all existing walls and ceilings. We installed all new walls, ceilings, wall tile, floor ceramic tile, shower fixtures, lavatory fixtures. The men’s and women’s gym locker room showers received new drains, basins, and fixtures. Work took place on several of the buildings throughout the facility, in the form of miscellaneous plumbing and electrical items. The gym removal and remodel involved the replacement of the acoustical ceiling tile and grid system, including support systems, wires, conditioned air supply, return diffusers, and light fixtures to be controlled through existing circuitry cabling.