CPC Processing Building and Power

el paso

El Paso CPC Processing Building and Power, El Paso, TX

For Customs & Border Protection, KOMAN Construction provided a turnkey solution to accommodate modular facilities to process 800 persons at one site with supporting mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sewer, water, foundation, and other infrastructure. Installation of permanent commercial power was provided to the entire campus of the Central Processing Facility. We installed low voltage power from the utility transformer to the previously installed power service entrance through existing automatic transfer switches. Utilities were installed and constructed to support the processing pods and associated medical clinic, food preparation, dining, bathrooms, laundry, and showers. All constructed facilities met National Fire Protection Association and/or International Building Code criteria in accordance with Department of Homeland Security requirements. This project was fast-tracked with a 90-day turnaround, and as a result, KOMAN Construction received an Exceptional CPARS rating.