KC has organized its Construction Department along regional lines, i.e. it has established a bona fide office in each SBA region in which it has or is seeking competitive 8(a) set-aside work.  The company's current bona fide office is located in Severn, MD, where it serves as the business office for all KC construction operations in MD, DE, and DC.  It is managed by the Construction Program Manager , who is responsible for Sales/Marketing, Operations, Administration, and Customer Service efforts for all construction contracts throughout the 3-state region.  The Construction Department business management effort for all other areas currently is managed by the Senior Construction Manager/Department Manager, from the company's offices in Anchorage, AK.


 Commitment to Safety

The KC Senior Construction/Department Manager has revised and enforces a company-wide Accident Prevention Plan.  KC Regional Program Managers, Project Managers, and Site Superintendents (Project Safety Officers) propose additional safety requirements for each project, then submit them to the Senior Construction Manager for review and incorporation into the company plan.  Upon approval of the recommendations, the Regional Program Manager supervises the Project Managers and Site Superintendents in the development and publication of project-level safety programs.  These documents become the guidebooks for safe work throughout the Projects' duration.  Superintendents enforce their safety programs by holding daily “tool box” reviews of the day’s planned work and potential safety issues, by convening weekly safety meetings, and by performing periodic job‐site Safety Inspections.

Commitment to Quality Control

KC Project Managers utilize KC’s established, written QA/QC Plan to assure that Project, Code, and Construction Industry standards are met.  KC Site Superintendents are the company's on-site Quality Control Representatives.  The Senior Construction/Department Manager, Regional Program Managers, and Superintendents review all project-specific requirements with the Project Manager, who then develops the Project QC/QA Program and monitors Project work with the owner’s on‐site representative or designee.