Your ANC 8(a) partner

OUR EXPERIENCE: KC has over 10-years of proven past performance in government/commercial contracting and operations in various U.S. States.  With KC, our clients receive utmost attention to their projects and we excel at satisfying client goals and objectives.  We devise our project strategy(ies) to meet designated client specifications and are efficient at adapting to changing on-site conditions.
OUR PEOPLE: Our personnel are known experts in their relative fields and always act to undertake programs in the most cost-effective manner possible, while meeting or exceeding established safety requirements and industry standards.  Not bogged-down by large-firm processes we have an extremely lean overhead structure that ultimately benefits our clients by leaving these dollars in on-site project activities. 
OUR Koman-KCmeasurePARTNERS: We have solid teaming partners and subcontractors who know how to complete their tasks on-time, under accelerated schedules, and within specified budgets. KC provides a “complete” team to address your project needs.


A contract with KOMAN Construction, LLC nets the government or a Prime Contractor the procurement benefit of Best-Value products, PLUS the contracting efficiencies and financial benefits of employing an Alaska Native Corporation SBA 8(a) participant.



Speed and thrift
in awarding contracts.

The government’s Contracting Officers (C.O.) are faced with declining budgets and a growing backlog of contracts that those budgets are to support. Consequently, they require both speed and thrift in awarding contracts to qualified vendors. But, the cost of awarding a contract through competitive bidding can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and take up to nine months to complete. By contrast, a single-source, Direct Award to an ANC 8(a) typically costs a fraction of that amount and often can be completed in 4-6 weeks.


Ensuring competitive Overhead and
General & Administrative cost rates.

Because Alaska Native Corporations such as KC are large enough and efficient enough to ensure competitive Overhead and General & Administrative cost rates, the C.O. risks little in that regard. And, by using the ALPHA Contracting model, the government and its contractor develop a transparent relationship wherein the C.O. is virtually guaranteed the ability to negotiate a fair and reasonable price with few of the uncertainties associated with the competitive bidding process.

The Direct Award process, properly executed, can be an exceptionally cost-effective and operationally-efficient alternative to competitive acquisition.


Small Business Utilization and
Incentive Rebates of up to 5% of the total contract value

Direct Awards to ANC 8(a) participants such as KOMAN Construction generally cannot be protested {13CFR124.517(a)}. Against the extended delays resulting from protests to hotly-contested awards, this advantage alone can save a Contracting Officer
many weeks of uncertainty before project start-up. Awards by U.S. Government activities or Prime Contractors to Alaska Native Corporations such as KC may be eligible for Incentive Rebates of up to 5% of the total contract value, under the Indian Incentive Program {FAR 26.1}. Also, a contract or sub-contract with K-P LLC helps a Contracting Officer or Prime Contractor meet its mandatory Small Business Utilization requirement.

Getting Started

A construction worker on a high wall against a cloudy sky.

If a solicitation has not been announced, a Contracting Officer can, through 13CFR124.506(b), contract directly with KC. To get started, simply submit a letter to the Small Business Administration District Office in Anchorage, Alaska indicating an intent to offer a Direct/Single-Source Award to KOMAN Construction, LLC, under the SBA Section 8(a) Business Development Program.

This process enables our federal clients to easily negotiate contracts and address specific objectives, all at minimum cost and in minimum time.

Contact the KC General Manager for additional information.